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10 of men’s biggest worries

Although we’ve progressed to times where there is gender equality, work place equality and healthy competition, men are still brought up taking into consideration traditional social obligations. Men are taught to be providers, teachers and are also fed with the preconceived notion that it is incorrect for them to be wrong. This traditional mind set plays a very important role in shaping the kind of people men turn out to be once they become husbands, fathers and grand-fathers.

These very thought shape their worries and these very worries gradually turn into the biggest fears that men face.

Let us have a rendezvous with 10 of men’s biggest worries and fears:

  1. Failure: This is biggest fear that men face. As mentioned earlier, men are brought up to be leaders, providers and protectors. Their decisions in life have tremendous impact on the entire family, especially their immediate family. Therefore, decisions like career moves, family holidays, marriage and settling down plans, relationships and commitments etc are always supposed to be correct. Any failure or a perceived risk of failure sets men into a frenzy or depression. The cautions, mental equilibrium, sound judgements etc all go out of the window at the very signs of failure. This happens because men are always expected to be rock solid and pillars of strength to everyone around them.
  2. Seeking help: Seeking out or appearing to seek help are two biggest ego crushers for men. This is evident in the fact that men have a problem with asking for directions while driving or asking for where things are placed at the super market instead of seeking help or asking anyone. This worry stems from the fact that men are supposed to know everything, or at least known a little more than women do.
  3. Inability to be a good husband or father: For men, their marriage and children hold a very special place in their hearts. At the very sign of the marriage falling apart because of their inability to be a good husband, breaks them. Similarly, when it comes to children, a man breaks down when his child feels embarrassed or let down because of him. Inability to prove to be a good husband or father can be a nerve-wracking thought for a man.
  4. Suffering a financial loss: Since men are thought to be providers and protectors, securing the future of their families is one of their biggest concerns. Financial security is what every man strives hard to achieve all his life. His decisions are thought to be wisely made and placed on tangible proofs. Hence any sort of financial imbalance in their portfolios or plans can be a cause of worry for men.
  5. Suffering from poor health: Poor health is one of the top worries that men face. This is because men are thought to be strong, physically capable of taking care of women and being there in times of need. Inability to do so due to any reasons whatsoever can be a worrisome topic for men.
  6. Inability to satisfy the lover: This is one of the leading causes of worry for women. But men are more confident that women as they are expected to be. They are brought up with the notion that it is the women who need to match up to their sexual expectation and not the other way around. Despite this, men do have an aging fear in their minds about their possible or probable inability to satisfy their female lovers.
  7. Fear of committing to a relationship: As mentioned earlier, a committed relationship for men is a very big step. It is step from bachelorhood to marriage which is very difficult to bridge. This thought comes with its accessories like end of fun times, end of night outs, end of casual flings, end of frivolity and end of indiscipline. Every man is scared of committing to a relationship or marriage.
  8. Speaking in public: Although men are suave and charming, they always think twice before speaking in public and expressing themselves. It is insecurity that they might make a fool of themselves and cause embarrassment others. Again, this fact stems from the root cause that men are always supposed to be right.
  9. Fear of being wrong: Men cannot always be right and they also know it. Despite this, they always fear being wrong.
  10. Visiting a doctor: Men always think that they can fix problems, take care of their health and be alright. The fact that there is a possibility that something could be wrong with their health which could need an expert opinion and consult is a cause of worry for most men.

It is important to know that men might seem tough, but they can also be fragile, Behind the tough exterior there is a persona that requires understanding and sensitivity.