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11 symptoms of thyroid in women

When we get tired easily we think it is because of our work load. When we lose hair we think it is because of the change in chemical or shampoo. There are other such things which we neglect thinking that something else is the reason behind it. On the other hand, we neglect the fact that this might be the symptoms of thyroid problems that we are developing. We provide you with some important symptoms that you should not overlook.

  1. Sudden gain or loss of weight: Have you gained weight suddenly with no change in your diet or you have lost pounds quickly without any workout? Don’t pay attention to your diet at that time rather go and check for the thyroid. Whenever you go through this, it is advisable that you should visit the doctor and get your thyroid tests done.
  2. Energy affect: Other symptom of thyroid can be the change in energy level and mood. Hypothyroidism i.e. too little of thyroid hormone, can cause you feel fatigue and tired where as hyperthyroidism i.e. too much of thyroid hormone can be the result for anxiety and sleeping problem.
  3. Hair loss: When your thyroid hormones are imbalanced, you tend to lose hairs. So, the next time you are losing too many hair, it is better you get a checkup done.
  4. Swelling of neck: This symptom is clearly visible and can be an alarming indication that you should go and visit a doctor sooner. This can be due to the thyroid cancer also.
  5. Heart beat changing: Both Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism shows change in heart beat. In hypothyroidism, your heart beat will be slower than the usual ones and in hyperthyroidism, it is vise a versa.
  6. Fluctuating body temperature: Women who suffer from it may feel too cold or too hot depending on the kind of thyroid problem. Women suffering from hypothyroidism may feel cold where as those having hyperthyroidism may feel hot and sweating.
  7. Effects on body: Those having hypothyroidism may see some changes in their body like numbness, dry skin, brittle nail, abnormal menstrual period. Whereas those having hyperthyroidism will have vision problem, muscle weakness and diarrhea.
  8. Poor appetite: Those having thyroid problem would have a poor appetite. They won’t feel like eating and might go through a change in their intake.
  9. Deeper voice: As thyroid is located in your neck, you might go through a change in your voice. You voice might become deeper and you might feel it difficult to talk.
  10. Puffed eyes: Thyroid affects our entire body and so the puffiness around the eyes can be seen. Whenever you see that, it is better that you go through a test.
  11. Constipation: Thyroid problem might also result in constipation. There are various reasons to have it out of them hypothyroidism is one.

Our body needs everything in a proper amount. Whenever there is something in excess or shortage, our body starts showing indications. All we have to do it to understand those symptoms and act accordingly. These above important symptoms would help you understand the problem of thyroid and take necessary steps.