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13 ways to protect your skin from itching

Sometimes we desperately feel like scratching a part or section of your skin. We start it and then that sensation never ends. The more we scratch the more we want to do it. Gradually, that area becomes red. We might feel bad about it but then we fail to control ourselves. This itching of the skin can be because of various reasons. It can be because you of a dry skin or you are going through some medication which is showing its side-effects on your skin, or anything. The most important thing at this moment is the solutions to this itchy feeling. Following are few solutions to the itchy skin.

  1. Avoid getting dry: It was found that dry skins normally cause itching sensation. So it is important for you keep your skin moist and avoid it getting dry. You can do this by applying moisturizers.
  2. Wear loose clothes: Tight clothes avoid proper air flow in your skin causing them to itch. So, wear loose clothes.
  3. Avoid synthetic clothes: Some people are allergic to synthetic. When they wear synthetic clothes, they tend to get an itching sensation. So, they should avoid wearing it.
  4. Apply cream: There are various anti-itching creams in market. It is good that you consult your doctor and purchase the right one.
  5. Wear cotton clothes: The smooth cotton clothes may help your skin from not to get itching sensation. So, wear clothes made up of cotton.
  6. Avoid allergic substance: Sometimes, itching can be allergic from certain substance. It is better that you read the description of the substance or consults a doctor before applying it in your body.
  7. Cover the affected area: When you getting an itching sensation on a certain place it’s good if you can apply cool and wet compress at that particular area so that they won’t trouble you and make you feel good.
  8. Trimmed fingernails: Even if you are feeling like itching a particular area, make sure you don’t scratch it. You can also wear socks in hand to avoid any sort of scratching.
  9. Bath less: Often, when we spend much time in bath then out skin tends to get dry resulting in itching skin. It is good if you can limit your bathing time.
  10. Use lukewarm water: It is advisable to use lukewarm water when you are taking bath. This helps you to maintain the moisture in your body and avoid itching.
  11. Pat yourself: Whenever you are getting an itching sensation, pat that area instead of scratching it.
  12. Use proper soap: Sometimes, soaps also affect our skin by making them dry. It is good that you chose a soap which is not going to affect the moisture of your skin and would help you maintain it.
  13. Proper diet: Proper diet is also related to the dry or moisture of the skin. It is good that you take proper food and liquid which would help you to maintain the moisture of your skin.

Skin care is important as this is the part of the body which is mostly visible. Every person’s skin condition is not same and they react differently to the different kind of condition. It is better if you speak to your doctor regarding the problem and get a proper solution for it.