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3 major causes of impotency in men below 30

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a constant and inveterate failure to achieve or uphold a satisfactory erection for the sexual intercourse. In past years, doctors thought that the cause of impotency was completely due to the psychological complexities. But after going through recent research, they come up with the two more causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), one was physically and the other chemically.

Heart disease, Diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis were always termed as the foremost condition that can lead men to the infuriating condition of impotency. On the other hand, the lifestyle with frequent consumption of alcohol, or smoking and obesity can also lead one to the complexities of Erectile Dysfunction. Mostly, the disorder of ED impinges on older men as they are more likely to have physical sickness that contributes ED. However, it is probable for younger men to experience both the psychological and physical problem that cause impotency.

Physical Causes

However, it is uncommon for the men to have hypertension, heart disease or diabetes in early 20’s or 30’s of his life, but is not impossible too. Some type of inveterate heart disease may stay hidden and only cause harms as the man ages. No matter the age of men is, if he is overweight and deskbound, with meager dietary habits, he is at higher risk of developing impotency. Rush to the physician at the earliest to avoid such condition.

Chemical Causes

Young men who have drug and alcohol problems also are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Stuffing and abusing excess amount of drugs and alcohol might smash up the blood vessels, including those that nosh the male organ.  This reduces the sensation in the male organ and unable them to arouse for the act, thereby creating ED problems.

Psychological Causes

In a well-fit man under 30 with no preexisting sickness or medical issues, erectile dysfunction is relatively unusual and more likely to have emotional causes. For several younger men, anxiety while performing might prone to Erectile Dysfunction. Other aspects include work pressure, wealth and as well as relationship problems even with issues about sexual course.

Whatever the cause might be, it is recommended to seek help from your family doctor and get purge from this serious and frustrating issue.