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4 concerning Women Health Issues

There may be many risk factors to a woman’s health. It may be related to the immune system or just the hormonal conditions of the gender. There are however few diseases that may be more often seen in women than in men. These conditions can be minor or even major. Like erectile dysfunction can be seen in men, even women may have certain conditions that are unique to their gender.

Autoimmune Diseases

There are group of conditions and disorders that make autoimmune diseases. In this, the body tissues are destroyed or altered because of diabetes, lupus and also multiple sclerosis. It may even lead to thyroid disease. There are also other disorders that can lead to disability in women under this group of diseases. Many environmental and living condition factors may be responsible for this.

Heart Diseases in Pregnant Woman

This kind of disorder is growingly seen in pregnant women. This can happen because of hormonal changes in the body in this phase. Many women may complain about pain in the chest or difficulty in breathing in pregnancy. Others may even face slight nausea and even delirium because of it. High cholesterol content in the body may be the affection cause that may be more aggressive during pregnancy.

It may even come into existence because of hereditary factors, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, too much alcohol and even diabetes. Complications during child birth may even make this come into effect.

Breast Cancer

After lung and cervical cancer, it is breast cancer that affects women the most. Experts are of the opinion that sometimes even mastectomy may result in this, by rushing into this kind of decision. This condition may have other solutions as well that can be found out after screening tests and chemotherapy. Increasing age and genetic faults can be the cause. Even earlier breast biopsy that was abnormal or chest radiation may also be responsible for it.

It can also result from not having kids on time or late mammary milking or not having one of these phases at all. Women who have early beginning of menstruation may also be at a risk. Obesity and even alcohol consumption may lead to this.


Osteoporosis is a condition generally found in elder women. Back pain and hunch of the spine can happen in this condition. This can obviously be prevented as well. There needs to be a change in the lifestyle and social conditions of women in adolescence and childhood. The bone mass in the females body may develop till the age of 30. It is then that new bone comes into existence to maintain the old bone. So never do take fractures lightly.

There are few risk factors of Osteoporosis and they are increasing age and thin bone frame in women, lack of calcium and insignificant sex hormones may also be the cause. Infrequent cycles of menstruation and even damage to the bone may lead to this. Anorexia, alcohol and smoking can also be the major reasons to it.