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4 Simple Ways to Keep Away the Problems of Excess Oily Skin!

Skin type differs from one person to another.  There are different skin types including normal, dry, combination and oily. In most of the cases, oily skin needs extra concern as it attracts the most amount of dust leading to several skin problems. A little amount of oil or sebum is essential for protecting as well as naturally moisturizing your skin. However, it the production of oil gets excess, it needs to be really taken care of.

If you purge for smooth and oil free skin, then you need to learn some fundamentals of healthy and glowing skin. There are lots of home remedies and prescriptions that can have a control over surplus sebum or oil secretion.  For this, you need to follow a perfect and helpful skin care routine.

Have a short look on below given oily skin care tips so as to shun the problems of oily skin.


  • Cleansing:  Making use of best cleansers can help in removing the dead cells, dirt and also cleans up the pores. Avoid going for scented soap, rather use liquid cleansers and wash your face three times a day. Also, ensure that the liquid cleanser you opt for consists of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  This is because salicylic acid diminishes dead cells from the skin and subsequently dries them. Furthermore, the cleaners that include benzoyl peroxide helps in unclogging the blocked pores.
  • Rightly choose Sun protection creams: Undoubtedly, it is necessary to use sunscreen lotions whenever you are out in the hot climate. It assists in averting the pigmentation and ageing induced by rays of the sun.  However, there are some sunscreen lotions that increase the stickiness of your skin leading a problematic situation for those who are tackling with oily skin dilemmas. Thus, opt for the cream that includes titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and .
  • Moisturizing: well, people with oily skin type doesn’t actually feel the need of moisturizer. But in some condition skin becomes dry and unmanageable. In such case, always go for moisturizer based night cream that are non-acne forming and non-comedogenic.
  • Make-up: Ensure you pick water-based or non- comedogenic make-up products as they work well with your skin category.  To reduce further oiliness, you can also apply powdered makeup.