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A Detailed Study on Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia from the name itself one can realize is the condition whereby one can be prey to the symptoms of having a high glucose level or high sugar level in the plasma of blood. Hypoglycemia is usually mistaken with hyperglycemia and in such a condition it is usually the glucose that keeps circulating in the blood of the person and can however be hazardous as it is an extreme proportion.

The term ‘hyperglycemia’ literally can be broken down to its Greek phrases which mean excessive sweet in the blood.


Hyperglycemia is a condition which may create a lot of problems for the people who already suffer from diabetes. There can following types of the occurrence of hyperglycemia in the body of the person who is suffering from diabetes: Fasting hyperglycemia – it is the occurrence of such a condition when the blood sugar is over a particular normal level after fasting for 8 hours. Another one may be the after meal hyperglycemia. In such a condition it is the blood sugar level that may be unusually high in the post meal phase. However, when a person already prey to diabetes, falls under the demoniac effects of the hyperglycemia it can be extremely dangerous to the persons well being and organs in the body.


The most commonly observed symptoms ad signs of hyperglycemia is the experience of frequent hunger and thirst. When a person frequently wants to sip on water or even takes bites of food all through day and may also want to urinate very frequently, it is the experience of hyperglycemia! Some people do commonly observe the experience of blurred vision and have been facing the trouble of a dry mouth or an itchy skin or mouth, teamed with the tingling sensation in the feet and also men may suffer from erectile dysfunction problems – such are the experiences in the case of hyperglycemia!

Coma, stupor and cardiac problems may also however arise due to the presence of the hyperglycemia or the high level of blood sugar in the blood plasma! When a person keeps feeling sleepy and is fatigued, or even may have the experience of certain ear infections and may undergo weight loss – it may be the signs that can tell you more about your blood sugar level. It could be the case of hyperglycemia. In such cases, the possibility of wounds and cuts healing is also very weak!


Diabetes mellitus is the usual cause of the hyperglycemia to occur, be it in the fasting phase as well. Low levels of insulin is the usual cause of such conditions prevailing in the patients who may suffering from the most commonly observed Type 2 diabetes. There are however certain drugs, when consumed out of proportion and dosage may also result in the hyperglycemia condition. This is however due to the excessive intake of the niacin, beta blockers and other such medications. It is believed that strokes of the heat and even stress may relate to the occurrence of the hyperglycemia index in a person though he may not have been detected with diabetes and can prove to be fatal as well.

Diagnosis / Tests

The sugar levels that should be maintained when it comes to before meals, after meals or even when you have fasted for 8 hours are always prescribed and a normal range is kept under supervision. However on observing the symptoms of the hyperglycemia and especially if you have been prey to the signs and symptoms and the overall disorder of the diabetes, it is a great possibility that the glucose in your blood plasma may have risen leading to the hyperglycemia condition.

Various blood tests and sugar tests are done up to know if the blood sugar count is beyond the regular level. If it is then the person may have to consult a doctor to get on to the medicines for the insulin requirements etc.


The treatment of the disorder mainly depends upon the cause of such a dilemma! If the cause of such a disorder is diabetes, then curing the diabetes is the first step to cure the hyperglycemia! It is necessary to bring about the required medication changes in order to effectively treat diabetes and then hyperglycemia. However, if this condition is a chronic one, then it is very possible that one may just have to administer the insulin that is required by the body directly!

Oral hypoglycemic therapy is also well known to help reduce the level of the blood sugar in the plasma of the blood to get rid of the high amount of sugar in the blood of the person! Lifestyle changes are extremely important. A good and balanced diet sans junk food; well planned routine workout, and exercise schedule while utilizing the greens from the garden to naturally purify the body is extremely important!


It is extremely essential to keep the diabetes / blood sugar levels in the normal range. On checking for the blood sugar range before meals, post meals or on fasting for 8 hours, it should show the regular range of normalcy. If it doesn’t then you need to take the required measures for sorting your diabetes or the chronic cause of hyperglycemia! It is necessary to follow the perfect lifestyle regime which includes the proper diabetes meal plans and also the exercise that one needs to follow in order to keep up with the energy levels and all of this can keep the hormones in the body well managed and ultimately can help the insulin levels stay normal.

Home remedies

Fenugreek has found to have great effects when it comes to helping the sugar levels fall down to a normal level. Not only fenugreek, such brilliance is even showed by the ginseng, which ultimately proves to be a powerful herb in treating diabetes as well as hyperglycemia!

Warnings / Precautions

Make sure you follow the healthy lifestyle pattern of exercise and diet. Drink a lot of water and keep the blood sugar levels under check and also under control!

Questions to ask your doctor

It is necessary to know from your doctor as to what is the root cause of the disorder and what would be the most effective proportion of medication and duration that would be required to help cure it / keep it under control.

Special note

If you have to keep your blood sugar levels low, make sure you eat a fuller breakfast and workout too. Drink plenty of water during the day.