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A Detailed Synopsis On Impotence And Its Occurrence

All these days, the impotence issue is being argued a lot as people are getting very open about their health problems which they are been facing all their lives.

As per the current survey carried out by the American research center of impotence and studies department, it is expected that around 46 percent of the men across the globe are said to be undergoing with impotence, either on short term or long term basis. In the earlier times only men who were old or middle aged men were thought to be put up with erectile dysfunction which is the medical term used for impotence in men but these days even young men are seen falling prey for this in their ongoing life. This is more or less reported because of the harmful way of living pattern which we have been following till date.

This issue of male impotence puts an adverse impact on the entire health of men. As men are not capable of performing well in the sexual intercourse, he tends to get frustrated and this is where he loses his psychological steadiness. This in turn has its effect on his entire physical health. Male impotency in all is seen to concern the social, professional as well as professional life of the individual to a certain extent.

Underlying Factors

The underlying factors of impotence are endless. Few of the facts shows its way or come up directly while few of the other major factors leads indirectly in the direction of occurrence of impotence. Usually the reason of impotence is prominent to be due to inadequate supply of blood to the penile region.

Process of Impotence incidence

In the male reproductive system, the procedure of firmness of the main organ is being channelized by namely two enzymes called as cyclic guanoyl monophosphatase (cGMP) and the other one is PDE-5 i.e. phosphodiesterase. The former enzyme cGMP directs the process of enhancing the blood supply to the male organ. This signal is sent out by the brain to the male organ system. By this manner, men are able to attain stronger erections which they can keep hold of for a longer period of time.

One major factor which is seen to hamper men’s sexual life is the Imbalance in Hormone Levels. This is thought to be the most critical causes of impotence in men. Deprived amount of testosterone in the man’s body makes the reproductive organ weak. The muscles in the penile area do not get sufficient amounts of blood flow and the needed erection. Due to this, the muscles fail to get firm which is why men fail to obtain tough erections. As a result, in order to prevent such impotence one must pay attention to the hormone levels in the body. If you by anytime face this difficulty then seek medical advice your earliest.