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A Short Synopsis on Pregnancy Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is another such problem where women fall prey for. It is an ordinary thing for a woman to undergo from yeasts illness the time when she is pregnant. It is expected that around 12 percent of all the pregnant women experience with some kind of this infection at the time of pregnancy. This is a health condition which takes place when the normal levels of acid as well as yeast in the vagina comes out of balance which lets the yeast to build up with time. Despite the fact that yeast infection does not have a negative impact on pregnancy, it can trigger severe pain as well as distress.

These vaginal illnesses are even identified as monilial vaginitis which end results in the rising amount of thin odd like smell. At the time of pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes even take place in the human body. Thus, more amount of glucose is put up and concealed in the vagina. The yeast fungal infection on the sugar that is veiled grows and adheres to the walls of the vagina.

The other causes of yeasts illness at the time of pregnancy include birth control tablets, steroids, vaginal intercourse, hypotension or semen. This article further throws light on the warning signs and treatment procedure of pregnancy yeast infection.


  • The one ordinary sign of yeast infection is a white discharge which is very similar to cheese in color whereas the yeast smell is just like of bread.
  • Women can even experience a pale yellowish discharge that smells like yeast. She can even complain of redness, itchiness and burning feeling in the vagina area, vulva and labia. In a few of the cases the labia can even result in swelling.
  • A woman can feel a blazing fire like sensation when she urinates. Yeast infection can trigger pain or severe discomfort during sexual activity.


Intake of a balanced diet is one of the best manners to get treated with yeast infection in a natural way. It is very necessary to have foods that are rich in calcium such as milk and milk products and even raise the intake of garlic as it is a natural anti-fungal agent. This will lend a hand in decreasing the increase of germs which further shows its way to yeast illnesses.

Tea tree oil is seen as one beneficial ingredient where you can use it effectively. This serves as the best therapies for pregnant women who are suffering with a yeast infection.

The other way is to use honey where all you have to do is apply it on the affected area and wait for around 20 minutes to get it fully absorbed before taking bath. Pat dry the area when you step out from the bath.