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Aftermaths of Poor Diet & Nutrition

Malnutrition strikes almost every system in a human body and may considerably inflate the risk of developing numerous chronic disorders and health concerns. Poor or improper eating habits may also influence the way you appear resulting in obesity or weight gain.


For a few, the term malnutrition conjures up a mental illusion of a painfully thin looking person in some third world country, who is suffering from and undernourished diet. However, views are changing today, as many people who never endured from shortage of food are undernourished and several individuals endure from malnutrition and obesity because of improper dietary habits or routine such as eating highly processed and calorie rich foods.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malnutrition is improper nourishment and one can characterize it by insufficient or excess consumption of vitamins, energy, protein as well as the health conditions or diseases that trigger due to these factors.


Obesity is inflating at a great pace because of improper nutrition and diet. In fact, one third of the adults and 17% of the kids in America are overweight and the percentage has doubled in the last couple of decades.

Obesity has severe health consequences including considerably increased chances of coronary heart disorder, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and some cancer types. It can even cause respiratory problems, sleep apnea, gall bladder or liver diseases, reproductive problems and joint degeneration.

Today, adolescents and kids are suffering from obesity problems that were once see in grown up people. In fact, obese kids too stand at high risk of suffering from some or the other cardiovascular disease today.

Cardiovascular Illness:

Around 30% of the deaths worldwide occur due to cardiovascular disorder of which many are curable by dealing with risk factors such as improper diet, smoking and physical in-activeness. Improper dietary habits that lead to development of cardiovascular disorders include excess intake of unhealthy saturated fats, salt as well as refined carbs and low intake of vegetables and fruits.


Poor nutrition and diet is a significant causative factor for the development of type II diabetes. A diet that is high in cholesterol, calories and fats augment the risks of developing diabetes and might further cause obesity.


A poor diet is one of the main causative factors for various cancer types. For instance, people following a diet rich in fat are more prone to developing cancers of prostate, uterus and colon compared to the ones who follow a healthy and proper diet. Further, obesity and inactive lifestyle are other crucial risk factors causing cancers of uterus, kidney, esophagus, colon and breast.

So now that you know about the possible aftermaths or consequence of poor diet and nutrition on your health, it is time to change your lifestyle and diet for your own good and a healthy and happy life.