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Alcohol Addiction the Alerting Facts

Alcohol is one of the substances that have the capacity to alter the mind of an individual. The many alcoholics all over the world and this conditions or addiction to alcohol is costing millions of dollars to the county. Ethanol is the real name for alcohol which if consumed regularly leads to addiction and can cause many disorders. It is a well known fact that alcohol affects brain which is very much similar to other addictive substances. It also affects the behavior of an individual. The euphoria experienced by an alcoholic is much different as to the feeling the other people experience when drinking alcohol.

Alcoholics experience the rush through their brains when drinking. The body consists of a natural tranquilizer which is known as GABA. This neurotransmitter is affected by regular consumption of alcohol. It has been proved and is well known that alcohol can actually increase the actions of GABA. It is also known to change the levels of serotonin in brain. Serotonin is an enzyme which actually affects the mood, sleep and appetite of an individual. It is also found that alcohol has adverse effects on the psychological factors. These factors are known to everyone but rarely people are aware of the adverse effects of alcohol on brain and are still a mystery for many.

Researchers have found that relation between ethanol and alcohol addiction. Since alcohol is available in the water form it easily enters the body and flows through the cells easily. Many alcoholics get addicted to drinking just after their first drink, and the time it takes to become an addiction actually depends on the individual. The tolerance an alcoholic can have towards alcohol can be very high. The chronic cases of alcoholics state that the alcoholics contain 2 to 3 times of alcohol in their body but they still show no signs of being under the influence. Alcohol is depressant and withdrawal functions are the opposite of detox. The both in combination can be life threatening. An alcoholic can experience seizures, hallucinations, agitation and much more when not under the influence of alcohol.