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All you should know about Ovarian and Breast cancer in woman

A woman’s responsibility is to take care of the entire home. She makes sure that the members of her family are fit and fine. She nourishes her children in a proper way keeping in mind the nutrients they need while growing. She also takes care of her husband by providing him with the right kind of food which would keep him active all day.

When it comes to her own health, she tends to neglect it saying that she doesn’t have time for all this. But hang on; this negligence could lead to some bigger complication. Two of the neglected things are ovary and breast. If you neglect problems of these organs, it could turn out to be the cancer. Let’s understand them, one by one.

Ovarian cancer:

As the name says, ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries of a woman, which is the reproductive organ and produces eggs. This is the fifth common cancer and is the top cancer in reproductive cancer which is causing deaths in women.

The soon you diagnose it, the quicker you would recover. The more delay would cause more complications. The reasons behind this cancer are unknown. It can happen to any women but more common in women who are 50 or more.

The symptoms of this cancer are not clear. It has very mild symptoms due to which a woman won’t be able to know if she is suffering from this until the cancer reaches the advanced stage. Although, you might experience fluctuation in your weight, pain in lower abdomen, back pain which can’t be explain properly and then it would get worse, heavy feeling in pelvis, abnormal periods, loss of appetite and gas nausea and vomiting.

The only solution is the surgery followed by treatment of chemotherapy.

Breast cancer:

This is another type of cancer in women which is threatening to their life. This cancer has two types, ductal carcinoma—which attacks the tube which passes milk to the nipple; and lobular carcinoma—which happens in that area which produces milk. Again, this cancer can either be invasive or noninvasive.

Invasive spreads to various parts of the body whereas noninvasive doesn’t spread to any part of the body. Many breast cancers are caused by the hormone estrogen. But still, there are certain factors which can’t be ignored. The risk of getting breast cancer increases as you grow old. Also, if you have family history of breast cancer, then there are chances that you are at risk.

There are few women who don’t get menstrual cycle on time i.e. at 12 years or continues to get even after the age of 55 are at risk of getting it. Other factors which might affect you could be exposition to radiation and consumption of alcohol.

The symptoms are visible on your breasts. You can feel a lump on the breast and also the size and color of the breast would differ. This is important that you keep on checking your breast time to time so that you can come to know about the symptom and take the necessary step.

It is important that the way you take care of your family, you pay attention to yourself also. These are only the two important and deadliest diseases which can affect you. It is important that you take care of yourself and go out for a regular thorough checkup to find out the problems which might affect your health.