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Annoying Facts – Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you remember the first cigarette that you had in your life and after that there was no turning back, it’s always the first, then the second and then a packet, it’s not the cigarettes that a smoker gets addicted to it’s the nicotine content that’s addictive, the nicotine is known to produce stimulation especially during boring situations which helps a person calm during stressful times, it does enhance memory and works on concentration, but in time the dependence on nicotine is observed. The nicotine addiction leads the desire to obtain pleasing effects and it also avoids the withdrawal symptoms.

The after effects of Nicotine Withdrawal

Anger: Anger is part of the package and there is no reason to resist your anger, all you need to do is just accept it and vent it out safely. Do not suppress your emotions and try to handle the irritating feeling. Do not keep things in mind and avoid negative thoughts as this is the first and most common symptom when it comes to nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It’s always better to say what’s on your mind before you blow the lid.  Deep breathing exercises always help and they also help to divert you attention from smoking.

Boredom: It’s important that you keep trying new things as they keep your mind busy which helps you stay away from cigarette. Creative and peaceful jobs like gardening, painting, and carpentry are the best stress busters that help you stay away from that craving. Go for a movie and do jobs which make you happy and keep you busy.

Cigarette Craving: Drink water; delay the urges to smoke, as per the research the urge lasts for only a few minutes and the cravings are strongest for the first 2 to 3 days and can even last for few months or even years, but do not give in and delay the urge to avoid smoking.