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Are fruits and Vegetables vital for nutrition?

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away” – this adage we all read in standard 3 but it has been chasing us since long. Also you all might have grown up seeing Popeye the famous cartoon character eating spinach to gain strength to fight all the odds. So there must be something in these fruits and vegetables that all over the world there is so much emphasis on including them in the daily diet.

Some people might be taking vitamin supplements than consuming the fruits and vegetables thinking that they offer the same benefits as the latter. But studies have shown that nutrients which the fresh fruits and vegetables contain are not present in the vitamin supplements. Fresh is always fresh. The fresh fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids and Flavenoids which are considered to be healthy for the human heart.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetable may even help in speedy recovery or even prevent you from getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes (type2), stroke and even certain cancers. Though the relationship between cancer prevention and fruits and vegetables is still under research. Some health experts are of the view that if we increase the intake of foods rich in starch like green leafy vegetables, cabbage etc.; these could reduce the risk for colorectal cancer, mouth and stomach cancer.

Eating fruits and vegetable play a vital role when you are on a weight loss program. As the fruits and vegetable are low in calorie and fat but rich in nutrients, fiber and water so they are considered to be an important part of the diet plan. They create a feeling of fullness and so the craving does not come in early. The added dose of fiber would keep your metabolic rate up to date.

If you want to enjoy more health benefits from fruits and vegetables, consider consuming them in combination with each other. Likewise we know that iron rich foods could well be absorbed quickly in the body if taken along with Vitamin C. So all those people who have low iron count could consider taking spinach with orange juice and see for themselves a miraculous increase in the iron levels. In fact it would start showing on your skin.

It is important that you do not stick to only some fruits and vegetables instead make sure that your palette is full of varieties of fruits and vegetables. This is because different fruits and vegetables have certain specific nutrients which might not be there in other fruits and vegetables but they are important for promoting healthy growth and development.

So if this write up has motivated you to increase your fruits and vegetable intake you could start from today. To know about the right serving you could talk to your nutritionist or even have a look at the various online calorie count calculators. To make things simpler, you could even consider having fruits whenever you take meal or snacks. Do not make excuses that you are unable to find fresh fruits and vegetable, you could take the frozen one, canned or even dried one would be beneficial.