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Are swollen testicles are a reason for you to worry?

Testicles are an important part of men’s sexual organ. They are the producer and controller of sperm. If a man is having a bad sperm count, then that would affect during the time of reproduction. We don’t pay much attention to it but is it important that your testicles are at good condition.

Some people won’t notice or won’t know but they will have swollen testicles. These swollen testicles may or may not pain. It is symptom that the testicles have gone through some injury. These swollen testicles would not only affect the sperm but can also be the reason for various things.

This can be a sign that your testicles are having cancer. It can also indicate that you are a victim of sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. Also there could be chances that you’re being affected by virus called mumps.

Hydrocele normally causes swollen testicles and is normally found elderly and newborns. It is caused when the fluid accumulated between the two testicles. It can be removed through surgery. Varicocele happens when the blood veins flowing within the scrotum are getting obstructed. When a man is standing, this feels like a bag of worms and when he sits down, the swollen effects gets reduced.

As we said, there could be a sign of cancer; known as testicular cancer. Although apart from swollen testicles, there are some other symptoms too like hard lumps on testicles or pain when touched.  It is better that the doctor examines you properly and then reach at a conclusion.

Testicles can swell if there a cyst developed in the epididymis; which collects and transfers sperms. This is generally painless and you might not get any pain. However, when it grows, you might feel discomfort and easiness. It can be cured through surgery.

If these swollen testicles are not treated on time then it may cause infertility, spread of infection, spread of cancer, infraction of the testicular tissue and even testicle removal. It is important that you pay attention to your testicles and take proper care of it. These small carelessness or negligence can cause you a big trouble in your sexual life and personal health.