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Are You Aware Of “Dangerous Five” Concerns Of Otalgia- The Ear Pain?

Ear pain is one of the common problems and complaints as well that most of them face. However, it has to be treated but before that you need to recognize the risky factors that can trigger Otalgia. Otalgia is nothing but severe earache or pain in the ear.

Half of the causes of ear pain are because of the trouble in ear but in remaining cases, the pain causes due to complications of other body parts. Thus, recognize the actual triggers besides severe ear pain so that you can go ahead for further treatment.

“Dangerous Five” reasons that can trigger ear pain:-

  • Tumors in the chest, neck and head can also cause pain in the ear. However, this may be the primary complaint people may have. Hence, detailed assessment for an occult lump in patients is on the higher risk for such cancers are frequently the most vital stage. Moreover, people who consume alcohol or tobacco, or the one who have crossed 50 years of their age or who face difficulty in swallowing their food, who has recently lose their weight or have hoarsening voice, seems to be at a greater risk of developing such cancers.
  • Uncharacteristically, Heart attack may be one of the reasons behind ear pain. Ruling out this complicated heart problem is extremely essential for the individual who have ever gone through for coronary artery illness.
  • Patients suffering from immunosuppressant or diabetes due to any complications like steroid therapy, AIDS etc may require cautious assessment of ear pain to exclude nasty otitis externa- this is a condition that is described by the extend of exterior ear illness (otitis externa) to the adjacent area of ear and also to the bones of the skull.
  • Damage of blood vessels or temporal arthritis is another severe health concern that can accompany ear pain. However, knowing the fact and diagnosing temporal arthritis as the cause of your chronic ear pain is very significant, as it can cause enduring blindness if precise cure is deferred. This state is usually found in individuals who have crossed 50 years of their age. Almost 2/3rd of all those affected with temporal arthritis have some or the other defects in their temporal artery.  These may even have some underlying warning signs with ear pain which may include- decreased appetite, fever, weight loss and feeling of usual discomfort.
  • Cholesteatoma typically presents with fullness or ear pressure, but in very few of the cases it can even show severe ear pain.   People suffering from this complication may have a foul smelling discharge from ear with vertigo and loss of hearing.
  • This state of complication is severely dangerous as the cyst may expand and can start corroding the ossicular chain i.e. the ‘bones’ inside the bony canal, inner ear, middle ear, and the facial nerve.

If the trouble persists, advance assessment is often required by different imaging and procedures techniques.