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Avoiding the Stress of Muscle Glycogen Depletion with Best Dietary Intakes

While a person exercise, it is been estimated that a typically the energy substrate from our body is the carbohydrates. This means that carbohydrates run out from your body much faster than fat and protein. Carbohydrates are known to be the great source for energy building in your body. But if the person over exercise or exert too pressure over muscles, then, the person is said to be suffering with Glycogen depletion.  It is actually a condition were, a person’s body use up carbohydrates totally and does not gets used up as the fuel for muscles. In common terms, cells and muscles tissue can face depletion of energy stores which adversely affect the working of muscles and causes damages to the immune system. Dietary factors could help to understand the metabolic process that actually leads to muscles damage and soreness.

An individual needs to have a proper check upon their dietary intakes before, during and after work out as this decides the source and depletion of carbohydrates from the body.

Intake of Dietary Food before Workout

People always forget to fuel their muscles before heading towards to their gym which lead to glycogen depletion after exercise.  Therefore a breakfast of oatmeal two to three hours prior heading for exercise will help you to gain some protein and would lessen the body’s reliance on muscles protein for energy fuel. This helps your working muscles to focus on workout.

Intake of Dietary Food During the workout

It is said by health expert that a person who work out should maintain continuous source of glycogen as it will lower the force on muscle tissue and further also aids various post-work out recoveries. Intake of glucose polymers e.g. maltodextrin helps in delaying fatigue and also 15 to 20g of carbohydrates per 7oz of water is also necessary during work out sessions.

Intake of Dietary Food After the workout

After a heavy work out session it is necessary that you regain the lost energy fuel to get ready for another session.  Hence, one can try out the combination of protein and carbohydrate which is the best source of macronutrients for post exercise recovery. It is highly recommended that intake of sports drinks also helps an individual in recovery period due to their ability of brisk absorption, and their electrolyte and water content.

Hence, following a proper food dietary intake is necessary to avoid the completion of muscle glycogen depletion in the body after heavy work outs and training.