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Baking Soda: The Most Effective Natural Remedy For Skin

This one ingredient is natural and free of chemicals which carry antibacterial properties that help in combating acne and dry skin. This even serves as an exfoliant and could be blended with other natural elements in order to soften the rough skin.

Baking soda is even known as sodium bicarbonate and bicarbonate of soda which comes in a white powder form with an alkaline taste acknowledged by the molecular symbol NaHCO3. This is a component of the mineral Natron and is mostly found in a natural state melted in mineral coiled across the globe which is why it makes this ingredient the most effectual and easily available.

Baking soda granules could even be used with water as a slightly rough exfoliant. This narrows down the dead skin on the topmost layer devoid leaving any harsh chemicals float over the skin which could on the other hand bring damage to it. This can even be mixed with cider vinegar that acts as the best toner and an astringent with the help of a washcloth to scrub all over the body.

Acne is triggered due to too much sebum which is produced. This blocks the pores of the skin and lets the germs to get locked inside. The body’s immune system makes an attack on the bacteria which leaves the skin approximately in the swollen area. As per to the Mayo health clinic, the germ build up needs an acidic setting to increase. The alkaline life of baking soda avoids this from taking place.

Additionally to reduce the effect of the acid, baking soda lends a hand in keeping the pores open and takes in excessive oil from the skin. In order to use this effective ingredient in the most successful manner, make a paste of this powder by mixing two parts of water where the other part includes baking soda. Make proper equal quantities so as to make a thick consistency. Just ensure that your skin is well cleansed and let the face be bit damp. Massage the paste by taking some on your face in few circular motions and then leave off this mixture for duration of ten minutes.

Add this paste or mixture on your foot or make this use when you take a body bath instead of essential oils or scented oils that are meant to repair or rejuvenate the skin in order to make the calluses and dry skin supple. For heat rashes, a paste of baking soda and water applied to it could be an excellent source to relieve rashes on the skin, for sunburn or insect bite.

Note: It is always better to begin with the treatment slowly and steadily to avoid severe damages on the skin. Use it often to see better results.