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Beat depression with right food

Depression is really dangerous. It enters your life slowly and soon becomes part of your life. It follows you like a shadow and you didn’t know when it starts affecting your life. And soon, you’re gone. Scary, isn’t it? Well, this is the reality.

Depression is nothing but a bad mood. This mad mood may start with something which is bothering you. Normally, this bad mood should turn down to normal mood or happy mood gradually. But, when it’s been a week and you are still carrying yourself with the bad, unhappy mood then its time you should think about it.

Depression comes when you’re feeling miserable everyday for weeks. You don’t feel like eating, gets angry very quickly, feels as if there is nothing right in your life, don’t feel like doing anything and most importantly and scary is getting suicidal feelings. When we are depressed, our body releases certain chemicals which start affecting our body organs.

These chemicals are the reason behind getting various problems like hypertension, diabetes and all. It also has a major effect on our diet. We either start eating more, which leads us to become an obese person or we eat less, which means we lose weight quickly. Either of the cases is harmful to our health.

Although there is no proper research or study done which shows the relationship between diet and depression but still there is an assumed connection between the two. When we are depressed, a chemical is released to make our body’s function slower. So, when we eat good food full of nutrients, naturally, we will start feeling good.

During this crucial time, we should eat foods which are rich in nutrients and antibiotics. Nutrients are important as they help in to increase the wellness of our health and antibiotics would help you to be able to fight with the depressive chemicals.

Also, you should opt for more food rich in carbohydrates like fruits and fresh vegetables. They will surely boost your mood. Foods rich in proteins would help you to increase the awareness as during depression our awareness level is also affected. In a research done it was found that Vitamin D helps you to overcome depression. To make it better, you can include foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, walnut and green leafy vegetables.

You might not feel like eating anything but then it is important that you eat something; something right. These foods rich in minerals and proteins will help you maintain your mood and would also boost your mood. Depression or unhappiness is a phrase doesn’t let it affect your health. Beat it with these rich foods and stay fit.

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