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Being a cleanliness addict could make you allergic

Keeping clean and tidy is 100 percent a good habit and is always advisable. It is always recommended to be free of germs. But when this cleaning habit of yours turns into an over cleaning kind of a thing, you could be prone to allergies and also a kind of asthma.

According to an American college of allergy, asthma and immunology

–       It is said that 50 million Americans duly suffer from one or any other kind of allergies

–       25 million Americans suffer from asthma, a number which is on the increase

If anyone in your house would be allergic, you would first try to clean your house and try to remove all the allergic bacteria’s from your house. Research studies have proven that those children who are not exposed to any kind of allergens or germs during their toddler period are prone to be more allergic and asthmatic problems.

One of the studies published in the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, reveals that exposure to allergens or germs in a child’s early life, could help him or her to develop the immune system more rapidly and the child is also ready to protect his body from many kinds of allergens later in his life as well.

What about the cleaning products available and the allergies?

It is a matter of fact that not only over cleaning but also many of the cleaning products put one’s children at a higher risk for developing allergies. American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine has presented a list of cleaning products that act as a culprit and could make you more allergic if you tend to do over cleaning. This mainly includes air fresheners which are easily available and are used by many families to freshen the living room, not taking into account that the freshener may not suit the child and he might be allergic to the chemicals in it, furniture cleaners and also glass cleaners. People tend to use the bleaching products as well as those spray de-greasers on a day to day basis and usage of these products quite frequently can result in a higher risk category of people developing allergies

The best thing is one can follow and can also ensure is that “a little less cleaning, and a little more dirt”

Being too clean can make you sick

One needs to understand that being too sensitive towards your child being protected or taking extra care of a clean home can actually make you sick and keep you worried for most of the time. Cleanliness is definitely important but not to create panic but for you to have a germ free home. One need not take stress and tension about living in a germ free home or being too caring towards every member of your child but it is advisable to remain cautious and take precautions.

Young people who use too much of anti-bacterial soaps may suffer from allergies. These soaps contain a chemical called Triclosan which are also found to be in toothpastes, kitchenware, diaper bags etc. the usage of this chemical is recently banned by the European Union as well.