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Beneficial Home Remedies to Deal with Different Eye Problems

From tiring eyes, to redness, dark circles, pain, changes in vision and many signs can show that you are going through eye problems.  Some signs become so complex that you may need to call for medical attention. Mentioned below are some of the daily home care treatments that you can take into consideration while dealing with eye problems.

  • So as to keep your visions brighter have diet with rich constituents of Vitamin A.  This includes fish, eggs, milk, cilantro, papaya etc.  Also, wash your eyes with purely clean cold water to get that sparkling looking eyes.
  • To treat annoying dark circles around your eyes, place sliced cucumber or potato over your eyes and get rid of that dark skin.
  • To soothe and calm your tired eyes, immerse cotton pads into cooled milk and set it on your closed eyes for about 15 minutes. Now allow yourself to relax completely. Covering your eyes for 10 minutes with cotton dipped in warm milk can also serve helpful results. Another great way to calm down the stress in your eyes is to use amla water. For this, soak amla in water the whole night and wash your eyes with the same water the very next day.
  • If you are going through the irritable Puffy Eyes, then grate a potato without removing its peels and apply it directly on your closed eyelids. Rinse in off after 20 minutes. You can have a quick nap or relax completely.
  • If you experience twitching, itchiness or redness in your eyes then you can reduce it by massaging your scalp with the curd.
  • To make your eyes sparkle, take one spoon of dry amla and soak it in water overnight. The very next day, strain the water with the help of muslin cloth and further add a cup of water into it.  Now splash this water into your eyes daily in the morning and observe the effect.
  • Also, remove all the makeup on your eyes at night before sleeping and wash your completely as eye makeup can affect your vision.