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Benefits and Shortcomings of a Female Condom

A female condom is a technique of contraception. In ‘92 a contraception device for ladies made from polyurethane known as the female condom become accessible. Since latex is not included in it, it is secure for those who have latex allergic reactions when utilized. The condom is believed to be as less efficient as the man condom at stopping having a baby. The actual failure rates are 5 to 21 % with regard to female contraceptives. This technique associated with birth prevention can also be considered to provide some safety against STIs.

The female condom is supposed to be placed into the vaginal canal before intercourse. Lubrication is usually supplied with the actual condom, but much more may want to be used.

There are numerous pros and cons to the female condom. The benefits of female condom consist of:

  1. It is among the only contraception option for ladies that may supply some safety against STIs.
  2. It may be inserted before lovemaking starts.
  3. There aren’t any negative effects.
  4. Women don’t appear to have a decline in level of sensitivity with this technique. A man’s level of sensitivity seems to become less impacted with men condom.
  5. After climax, a man need not pull away their male organ immediately. With a man condom, the male organ ought to be taken out rapidly.

Shortcomings from the female condom consist of:

  1. Its look is unusual or unappealing.
  2. It’s expensive than a male condom.
  3. It might be noisy or even break throughout use.
  4. It might be unpleasant for many women.
  5. Details about its usefulness as well as safety is restricted

The female condom is actually disposable and really should not be used again. It ought to be eliminated carefully to avoid spilling associated with semen in to the vagina. This process of contraception really should not be utilized simultaneously like a male condom.