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Benefits of green tea for skin

There are several foods and drinks which help one relax and soothe frayed nerves. Green tea is one of them. It not only relaxes us but also refreshes and rejuvenates us. It is very well known that green tea works wonders against cancer and weight loss. It naturally induces the apoptosis i.e. programmed cell death of cancer cells thus reducing the size of the tumour and restricting the progress of the deadly disease. Green tea increases the metabolism in the body thus helping people lose weight. It is said that one can lose as many as 70 calories in one day by drinking two cups of green tea coupled with proper exercise and diet. Apart from these health benefits, green tea has a lot to offer when it comes to the health of the skin. Most of the modern day hair and skin products boast of containing green tea. It contains several different nutrients that help the skin look better. Let us have a look at these skin health benefits of green tea:

Fights free radicals

Our body contains several free radicals which occur as a result of pollution, excessive exposure to the sun and smoking. They oxidise cells that come in contact with them and lead to premature aging. In extreme cases, free radicals affect the cell nucleus and lead to cell death and cancers. Green tea is a natural anti-oxidant which helps neutralise these free radicals and stops further premature aging.

Provides younger looking skin

Some recently concluded studies have provided startling results saying that applying products with green tea extracts actually reverses the process of cell aging at the cellular level. The keratinocytes, which are old cells which form a barrier to environmental damage, when stimulated with green tea extracts product biological energy and synthesize DNA for cell division and cell renewal. Therefore, we observe that applying products containing green tea extracts on the skin increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea thus helps you with younger looking skin!

Reduces skin inflammation

Green tea is a brilliant anti-inflammatory agent. It is prescribed for those who suffer from skin diseases like psoriasis, dandruff and rosacea. In fact, people who have extremely sensitive skin should dab some green tea on their face for 5-10 minutes every day to reduce the skin sensitivity. Applying green tea on the skin also helps reduce the dark spots and dark circles under your eyes.

Neutralizes UV light

Several studies in the past have indicated the benefits of green tea extracts in neutralising the harmful UV light. Excessive exposure to the sun leads to excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays. They further lead to premature aging. When green tea extracts are applied on the skin in the concentration of 4 mg per 2.5 square cm of the skin, they are believed to provide complete protection from sunburn.

Improves skin hydration

Drinking green tea regularly improves the natural moisturising factor in the corneocytes. This leads to reducing the loss of water from the skin thus improving skin hydration!

Either drinking green tea or applying products with green tea extracts on the skin can provide the same skin health benefits!