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Bothering causes of Frequent Urination

In the normal routine, a person urinates six to eight times a day and should be capable to have an enough sleep for about eight hours that too without rushing frequently to the restroom.  However, if a person shows an urge to urinate more than eight hours a day, he/she is undergoing abnormal urination habits.  Older men can be an exception as they generally to go washroom at least one during night.  This article focuses on the worrying causes of constant urination.

The unusual call for urination can be caused due to different reasons, here are some associated causes, have a look.

Pregnancy – In the stage of pregnancy the hormonal changes take place that increases the urination.  Moreover, it also pressurizes the bladder and forces the uterus to expand.

Urinary tract infection – This is the most usual cause of constant urination that has affected several men and women all over the world.  It can become noticeable in some particular area of urinary tract which includes kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. This infection in the urinary tract is caused by the germs or bacteria that enter your urinary tract. A poor hygiene or the sexual intercourse can be the reason behind this infection. However, an infected person may feel some kind of burning sensation while urinating.

Over intake of liquor: drinking too much of alcohol will subsequently lead to urinate more.

Prostate troubles – The pressure on urethra due to the enlarged prostates highly affect the easy flow of urine.  In this case the constant urination is seen in men. This will consecutively infuriate the bladder wall forcing it to contract more even if the urinating bladder is not full. This extreme contraction of the bladder may cause a frequent urge for urination.

Overactive bladder disorder – This is an infuriating condition that most of them undergo.  It happens when the bladder endure recurrent contractions causing the patient to urinate time and again even when the bladder is empty.

Interstitial cystitis and Diabetes are other rare causes of unusual urination. Thus it is better get the diagnosis done before it’s too late.