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Bothering Reasons that Can Trigger Hair Loss in Women

Losing up to 100 hair in a day can be normal, but at times the hair patches or acceleration in the hair loss is observed.  In the initial days you may notice more than usual fall of hair in the comb or might even spot the clogging of hair in the shower sink.  When this starts increasing day by day, it is the real time you need to concern for your hair and a better treatment before it’s too late.  Hair fall in women can cause due to many reasons but it is important to know the actual cause so that you can further treat them with better care.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

  • Female pattern baldness is one of the causes that lead to hair loss. This is a condition of thinning hair that reduces the amount of hair on the top, sides or at the crown of the head. With the growing time this condition gets worse. Various medications are available to spur new growth of hair.
  • “Telogen Effluvium stress” is another reason that can cause hair loss in women. In case, if you have gone through a severe emotional or physical pressure such as surgical procedure or a passing away of any family member, it’s common to lose more than normal hair loss. If the actual cause of hair loss is stress, there are possibilities of hair grown in upcoming months.
  •  A serious illness nutritional deficiency in iron, zinc, protein, or other nutrients can also lead to hair loss. In women, diabetes or lupus is the major reason hair loss. Moreover, certain harmful or extra dosage of medications can lead your hair to fall.
  • Alopecia, an autoimmune syndrome that also shows a round small hail fall patches. Unfortunately, some women even face a complete baldness. Thus, it is advised to get it treated at the earliest if you come across any of such symptoms.
  • Rather than this, over treating or pulling out your can also lead your hair to fall. However, a better treatment, care and maintenance will surely help you in gaining back the loss of hair.