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Breaking News – ED Freaks Out Celebs

A celebrity’s life is always in the limelight. There were a few articles in recent magazines that aroused my intrigue in them because they were concerned with my area of specialty, and that is the male sexual disorders and more precisely erectile dysfunction. The male celebrities are very much bothered about their machismo that they absolutely fear of erectile dysfunction.

There were 2 headlines in recent times that caught everyone’s attention. An actor cum producer who charges millions for a movie and has a picture perfect doll as his wife revealed that he uses Sildenafil citrate to make love to her as he suffers from erectile dysfunction. But these details were not revealed by him in any interview, but were leaked from a private conversation. Stop feeling sorry for his picture perfect wife as Sildenafil will guarantee her satisfaction under the sack; that is of course if he knows how it is done.

In a separate occasion another A-lister of Hollywood was offered a multi million deal to be the face of Sildenafil soft gel capsule. The stud blatantly rejected the offer citing that his macho image would be affected if he chooses to be the ambassador of the ED treating drug.

What these people are ignorant about is that erectile dysfunction is propagating rapidly in today’s world and many men are getting affected by it. If only these so called celebrities would openly endorse it will the common man break the shackles of anonymity and come out openly for the lookout of treatment. Even if anonymity is a big deal for these guys they can buy generic Viagra online and avail anonymity as well as discounts and free offers. So just forget about the celebrities who are afraid to endorse, you can read online forums to read about the perfect pill.