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Burn Body Fat with these Easy to Follow Tips

Metabolism slows down with the age, this is natural. When you reach around 40-50, the chances are that your system is burning about 100-300 less calories what it used to do prior. This directly implies that your chances of gaining weight are much higher. However, you could reduce this process by taking quick remedial measures.

Five minutes of exercise daily

Metastat, which is our body’s metabolic thermostat, is best activated in the morning. All you need to do is to spare just five minutes daily and exercise. This will boost up your metastat and hence improve metabolism. Walking or doing push-up is no big deal.

Do not skip the morning breakfast

The morning breakfast is the fuel, which keeps us going steady all the daylong. As we already, discussed the metabolism is active in the mornings. Eating breakfast in the morning thus will not only help fuel the body with required energy but will also keep the metabolism intact. The body’s energy level and the metabolism are at peak during the day and gradually slow down. That is why you might have heard why doctors say that eat light for the night. Therefore, your breakfast and lunch should be the largest ones, keep small, and light portions for the dinnertime.

Do some strength training workouts

With increasing age, the body’s muscle mass slows down. This in turn slows down the metabolism. Women in the age group of 30-50 could lose around 10 pounds of muscle mass if they do not perform some strength training exercises. If the gym is not your way, try out doing squats, pushups, abdominal crunches; they will help a lot.

Boost YourVitamin “I”

Well, we know that there is no vitamin I as such. The I here stresses on intensity. When you are walking down the road, instead of walking slowly, you could walk steadily or even jog your way to the office. The mantra is to keep your heart rate up. This is an easy way to keep the metabolism in good position. This will even help you improve your cardiovascular health.

Consume Yogurt

Many studies have proven that calcium-rich diets like low-fat yogurt help you lose weight much more easily and quickly. Have at least three serving of low-fat dairy products like yogurt, cheddar cheese or Gouda cheese.

Do not sit after you eat

When you are done eating, the body’s metabolism gets active. To help digest the food faster, it is important that after eating food you indulge in some kind of physical exercise. It could be taking a walk down the road with your pet or climbing the stairs.

Consume green tea

Again, there are many researches to prove the efficacy of green tea in reducing the weight and that too much quickly than other products. Green tea is rich in disease fighting anti-oxidants, catechins that help to reduce fat.

Follow these tips and stay in shape for long.