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Can short hair control hair loss?

Hair loss is tragic for anyone, despite the age and sex. No one would like to have a bald head. Hair is an important part of our styling. It makes and breaks our facial look. It is important that we prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is the result of various reasons. People of any age can be the victim of it and to prevent it they do lots of things. The most common option which people follow is making the hair short. People have a feeling or you can say presumption that short hair avoids hair loss. Let’s find out how true this sentence is.

Causes of hair fall:

One can suffer hair loss due to various problems. It can be genetic, hormonal, some reaction to medication and it can be due to the diet and stress. It is important that you figure out the exact reason behind the hair loss. Hair loss due to genetic reason can be little difficult to deal with but others can be managed easily. So, it is important that you find out the exact reason of your hair loss and take the necessary step.

Short hair and hair loss:

It is true that short hair gives you a feeling that you are losing less hair. And it’s also true to that short hair can give other feeling that you’re having nice hair. The reason may hold true.

The shorter the hair is easier to maintain it. The longer hairs are difficult to maintain by providing them important nourishments. So, when you’ve shorter hair, you are able to maintain and nourish it properly providing it strong and healthy growth.

Longer hair provides more pressure on the roots of the hair which is weak in itself. This weakness of root causes more hair loss. The short hair has less pressure on the roots resulting in less hair loss.

When you have long hair, you have to make sure that the entire hair gets the proper care, which becomes a difficult part. But with shorter hair, it is easier to do. You’re able to provide it proper oil; massage and shampoo which would help your scalp have proper strength.

Also, the long hair can be like a heavy thing on their head and already weak scalp. But, when you have a short hair, the tension and heaviness is not there. At the same time, shorter hair helps you to maintain a clean scalp which is needed to prevent the hair loss.

It is better if you’ve shorter hair as it would help you to care your scalp and strengthen the roots of the hair so that you won’t suffer from hair loss, easily. Well, as we said, it might not work in case of genetic reason for hair loss. So, speak to the consultant regarding it and cut down your hair to prevent loss.

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