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Care your Skin the Natural Way

It is a fact that most of the costly skin care products available in the market derive most of the vital ingredients from our nature. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend heftily on artificially created cosmetics when you can achieve better results with natural ingredients. As these are free from artificial bleaches, chemicals, colors and fragrances, they do not trigger side effects. In fact, these ingredients help to reinstate the lost glow by rehydrating your body and provide the essential vitamins and oils.

Agrimony Leaf

Agrimony leaf’s anti-inflammatory property assists to soothe skin inflammations. Just a simple wash with Agrimony leaf provides you with amazing toning effect.


It is an excellent skin cleanser. It provides the much required moisturizing. Algae also help in speeding up exfoliation process as well as prevent the onset of wrinkles.

Almond Meal

Our skin’s natural oil reserves tend to deplete with growing age. Consider using almond meal helps to replenish all the lost oils and offers exfoliation. It is also a great skin lightener.

Aloe Vera

If you reside in a hot region, then consider using gel made of Aloe Vera regularly to avoid flaking and acne. It has a good healing and soothing effect.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the acidity level in skin and thwarts acne problems too. It helps in reducing acne scars also.


Apricot is used widely in scrubs for speeding up the natural exfoliation process. Thus, massaging the face gently with apricot assists to cleanse the pores.


Found in the cell walls of bees, beeswax is a good moisturizer and is in use since decades. Consider using beeswax during the winter to retain the suppleness and smoothness.

Bergamot Oil

It reduces inflammation and heals the damaged skin. Bergamot oil is a common ingredient used in many body washes.


It helps to treat various skin ailments. The anti-fungal property of calendula helps to cure itching, flaking, sunburn, soreness, inflammation, dryness and eczema.


Camphor is very useful for curing oily skin and acne problems. It also has a cooling effect.


Massage your skin with chamomile oil to help ease inflammation, burns, acne and dermatitis. Chamomile has rich invigorating properties.


Clay helps to get rid of the various impurities from your skin as well as cleanses the pores and stimulates proper blood circulation.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is highly popular for its moistening effects. It helps to curb the occurrence of wrinkles on your face helping you look younger.

Flax Seed Oil

It is a rich source of Vitamin E, which is very important to determine the condition of your skin tissues.

Apart from these afore-mentioned home remedies, many other fruits that have rich antioxidant and vitamin content to help cure several skin conditions. Using natural ingredients is always a wise thing. Thus, consider these ingredients and get a glowing and healthy skin in a natural way.