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Cares for Delicate and Cracked Heels

Prevention is always said to be the key to endure any health condition and so is for the delicate skin of your foot. Cracked skin on the heels is the common problems that most of them face. They reveal unpleasant and rough skin that no one will wish to have. Being hydrated, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your foot daily can help in averting those rough and untidy looking cracked feet.

On usual terms they do not pose any sorts of dangers to your health condition but in the severe case they may bleed and at the same time will cause unbearable pain that really needs medical help and proffer care. Thus, preventing them and bestowing certain effective home care can also work best in dealing with cracked foot.

  • Make a mixture of glycerin and rosewater. Apply it daily on your foot as its soothing properties helps in curing them past.
  • One of the best home remedy to cure cracked heels is sesame oil. Apply it on your cracked heels before dozing off at night.
  • Take 1/4th bucket of water and squeeze one whole lemon into it. Soak your feet twice or thrice into this water and rinse your feet making use of pumice stone and soap.
  • Coconut oil also works best in healing the cracked heels. Massage your feet with oil properly scrubbing it and then you can rinse it off the very next morning.
  • Another effective home remedy is the mixture of lemon juice and papaya that has to be applied on the affected region. Keep them for about 20 minutes and wash it off.
  • The pulp of ripe banana if applied on the affected part also helps in healing the cracked heels. Wash your feet properly after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If the cracks on your foot is paining a lot then you can even give a try on this fast healing home remedy. Take coconut oil and add melted paraffin wax into it.  Fix the entire crack on your heels with this mixture before going to bed and wash it off next morning.