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Home Blog Carrying Twins do not mean that you have to undergo a C-Section, finds a new study

Carrying Twins do not mean that you have to undergo a C-Section, finds a new study

A new international study says that no more women carrying twins need to undergo a C-section. It was a preferred method to ensure a safe delivery and a healthy growth of both mother and the baby.

What was the study?

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Toronto’s Dr. Jon Barrett, led a study that involved around 2500 women pregnant with twins in 25 countries. They were divided into two groups; half of the moms were scheduled to undergo a C-section delivery and the rest for vaginal deliveries.

Researchers gathered data for a period of seven-and-a-half years from around 106 medical centers spread all across the globe. Only those women were included who gave birth to twins in the period of 32 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the first twin’s position was good in medical terms- head down.

The main aim of the study was to find out that whether a C-section is safe for a woman carrying twins or a vaginal delivery.

Findings of the Study

About 44 percent of women who went for a vaginal delivery ended up undergoing a C-section to deliver the baby. Moreover, those women who had planned a C-section had them 91 percent of the time. The remaining nine percent actually went into labor before the planned C-section.

Two percent of newborns died or were born with a serious health issue. This was however, not dependent on the manner women gave birth nor it affect the degree of complications in moms.

Analysis of the Study

Dr. Jon explained that planning a C-section does not lower the risk of babies dying or born with a serious complication, compared with women who opt for a vaginal delivery.

According to the Canadian researchers, women pregnant with twins can deliver the baby safely with vaginal delivery also as long as they are under the supervision of an expert obstetrician.

Dr. Jon called upon all the obstetricians practicing worldwide to invest more time and expertise in helping the women to undergo a vaginal birth with twins.

What was the need for such a Study?

Obstetricians world over are witnessing an increase in C-section rates for twins. Moreover, the numbers of twin births are also increasing. According to the Statistics of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a 70 percent increase in twin births in the United States over the last three decades.

The rise for such an increase, according to the experts, is the increased use of in-vitro fertilization, reproductive technologies. Moreover, there are a growing number of older women giving birth.

Experts’ take on this Study

Dr. Michael Greene, who is a director of obstetrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, says that this study is fair as it provides substantial evidence that vaginal delivery is safer in women pregnant with twins. According to Greene, this is a landmark study, as no study in the past was conducted at this massive magnitude.

Greene however maintained that at no point do this study suggests that all twins should have a vaginal birth. If the doctor the woman is consulting is an experienced one and analyses that a C-section is a safer choice, the woman should trust him or her.