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Causes of HIV in men

Possibilities of men contracting HIV from other men or women:

Human immuno-deficiency virus or HIV as it is most commonly known, spreads through unprotected anal or a vaginal intercourse with an infected person. HIV is transmitted from one individual’s body to another by body fluids. The fluids could be blood, ejaculate (cum), pre-ejaculate, a female’s genital fluids and also their breast milk. The most excellent way to stop HIV transmission to another body is to always use have safe sex that is use a condom when having sexual intercourse with your partner.

The early signs of HIV in men are contamination that develops in 50 to 80 percent of men which normally begins two to five weeks after their exposed to HIV. But there are cases wherein 10 months passes after men are exposed and the very first and prominent symptoms and indication of HIV disease are seen after those 10 months. The unusual group of indications and warning signs and symptoms is referred to as major/key or acute HIV disease.

There are many men who have a greater threat from HIV and they include:

  • Many people have a background of a sexually transmitted illness.
  • Sexual love birds of individuals who have been taken over with HIV
  • People who have suffered from sexual assault. Such people have greater threat from HIV
  • Men  and women who tend to have unprotected sex with several mates
  • Adult males and females who get involved in sexual intercourse for any kinds of funds or dope treatments or men who have sexual intercourse with several other companions who do.
  • Males who prefer to have sexual intercourse with their male friends.
  • Injection drug addict who divulge needles or “works”
  • Any individual who is unintentionally stuck with a sharp object in a healthcare facility.

Some other symptoms are also known with which you may be affected:


One may not be aware but fever is one of the most general and early HIV symptoms that one can face. It can happen to both in men and women. These kinds of symptoms generally tend to appear soon after the infection. It will usually happen in the first two to five weeks, and then it gradually disperses, much like any other flu-like symptom.


Many of the HIV infected men will get fever along with moderate headaches.


Many men who may be infected from HIV can at times experience a sudden change in their energy level or resilience. They can at times become bizarrely exhausted or tired, quite more than any usual action would state.


Another symptom of HIV is rashes. It usually appears in the form of a common rash that appears as patches of skin, which are steadily discolored from other vital areas of the body. The rash may show many scars and vesicles and simply lighten away within a week to probably a month.