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Check out your Daily Soy Consumption!

There would be many eye- raised brows after reading this title because, soy products are tends to be healthy and fit for human body. However, these intake should not be over dose as its can mount up to various health complication in individual. There is wide range of soy products like soymilk, soy sauce, soy yoghurt, soybean oil, soy protein, soy nut and many others. These products are actually taken in to small quantity while consuming them therefore, it effects are not so measurable on many people. However, there are three important reasons that justify why one should avoid the excessive intake of soy products.

The following are the reasons that highlight the negative effect of soy products:

1.       Soy affects Thyroid :

Soy contains phytoestrogens that has a very bad impact in the endocrine system and thyroid. It performs goitrogenic effect over thyroid, which eventually leads to reduction in the production of thyroid hormone. It further lowers the metabolism of thyroid and this leads to excessive increase in the size of thyroid. This is been commonly referred as goiter. This cal also led to hypothyroidism in the person. According to the data collected by some experts in US, it was been estimated that around nine million people were affected with hypothyroidism.

2.       Soy Contains Unhealthy Nutrients

Unhealthy nutrients or widely referred as anti-nutrients are actually compounds and chemicals that slow down the functioning of vital nutrients in the body. The two anti-nutrient found in soy products are:

i)   Phytic Acid (or Phytates): Soy contains phytic acid, it works like magnets that attract nutrients like magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc towards itself and thus leads to dysfunction by this elements. However, it is also good for cleansing out heavy unnecessary minerals like mercury and lead.

ii)  Protease Inhibitors: Soy contains protease inhibitors, it actually dysfunction the absorption of protein in the body this leads to various complication in the metabolism process in the body. Thus with exert pressure in pancreas, it can lead to pancreatic dysfunction.

3.      Excessive intake of Soy disturbs Sex Hormones

Soy contains natural compounds that can mimic estrogen in the body and it is been commonly known phyotestrogen. In certain study in US, it was been found that babies consuming soya formula were actually in taking the hormonal equivalent to 10 contraceptive pills a day. This can put these little tots in the risk of early-onset puberty and permanent damage to endocrine system.