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Chlamydia Can Add Silent yet Hazardous Risk for Men

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that shows permanent hazards in both men and women. And in women it mostly affects their reproductive system causing infertility in them. However, it is said to be a silent disorder that damages severely if gets noticed once.

Men who get infected with this chronic chlamydia can spread the infection to their female partners while having a sexual intercourse act. The warning indications of Chlamydia do not appear in the patients who go through this infuriating stage. In fact in some of the cases, men having this bothering illness may not even know until and unless they get a diagnosis for urine test. Even if you find any sort of symptoms it will get into noticed after a week you have been infected for this disease.

No matter whether you are male or female, Chlamydia can be transmitted easily to the one who is sexually active.  This sort of STD is being reported as the most common illness detected in men. Also, it is estimated that above 3.5 millions of people are diagnosed with Chlamydia over a year.  The smartness is only when you have a quick check in any of the noticeable indications.

Listed below are some warning signs that can indicate Chlamydia infection in men:

Discharge from males reproductive organ

Experiencing burning sensation while urinating

Irritating feeling of itching around the opening of the male organ

However, by following some fundamental safe sexual practices, you can chlamydia prevent Chlamydia from spreading

Abstinence is must!  Have your urine or specimen tested so that you can treat it earlier and in a better way. Some antibiotics are available in the pharmacy stores that can help in curing Chlamydia.

Keep a mutual understanding and monogamous relationship with your sexual partner and check whether she has a clean bill of health. Also, ask your sexual partner to get the test done for Chlamydia or any other STD’s complexities.

Make use condom while planning to have a sexual act.

Chlamydia persons with HIV-positive should go through the same handling actions as those who are HIV negative.