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Colon Cancer – Men Rush on for medical help before its too late

In US, it is the fourth leading cause in women but highly observed in men which make them third leading cancer observed in males.

Analysis of colon cancer can be made by colonoscopy or by the barium enema with biopsy affirmation of cancer tissue. However, its curing depends on the size, location and the level of tumor spread.  The health condition of patient is observed too. The most common treatment for the colon cancer is tumor operation where the chances of survival are very low.

What are the types of Colon cancer?

In this cancer condition patients feel like having bowel movement. But when they try to do so they fail or fell inability to do. This happens especially when the tumor reaches the lower edge of colon. This also traps the gas and finally forces it to release in higher amounts than the normal one. The unhealthy states of obstructing tumor will cause queasiness and at times even vomiting.

The most general sign of colon cancer is the being there of blood in the stool. As fecal substance passes out from the colon it comes in contact with the cancerous growing tumor causing the patient to bleed.

The other sort of warning sign in colon cancer includes anemia.  This kind of tumor appears in the right part of colon which is more spacious than right. It grows very fast.  In the situation a person bleeds for a larger span that too without being diagnosed, thereby causing the extreme loss of blood cells resulting in anemia.

The major hazardous factor for this type of tumor includes colon polyps, heredity, and hoary ulcerative colitis. Polyps develop most of the colon cancers.  Whereas, removing these colon polyps can help in preventing the infuriating Colon cancer. However, these polyps in the early stage can have no warning signs and symptoms.  As a result it is extremely important to have a regular screening done.