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Common mistakes men do while having sex

A woman judges a man by the way he treats her in public and in private. Man often turns out to be good in public but when he is in private with her, he makes hell of mistakes. Men and women see sex as two different ways.

For women, a sex is a pleasurable moment which would decide whether she should hang out with him or not. Whereas for men, it is an opportunity to just have only one thing, intercourse. He only thinks about it and that’s why he ends up in making so many mistakes which creates problem for him in getting another date with her.

  1. Go slow: Sex is not all about intercourse but it is more than that. Understand her need; to be loved. You have to love her and express your emotions through various ways. Just don’t rush things but take it slow. Before intercourse, go for the foreplay and show her that you love her and understand her. This would make her more comfortable and she will be impressed.
  2. Try new things: Women like surprises. So, surprise her with your different ways of showing love. Don’t stick to only thing but come up with some creative ways. Even, you can change the positions of doing sex and can even start up with some different ways. These surprises would make her feel good.
  3. Talk to her: Women think sex as a way to connect to you. But men, normally, don’t believe in chit-chatting while having sex. This may turn her off as she would start thinking herself as a commodity. So, talk to her, before, in the middle and after sex. This would make her feel good and she would get a feeling that you respect her as a woman.
  4. Do it more often: Women want to be loved, not only on weekends but very often. All you’ve to do is make her realize more often that you love her. Show your affection to her more often, not through sex but also through small gestures. This would help you to have a good image in front of her.
  5. Play games: Break the monotony of starting the sex with a kiss. Play some games like blindfold or tie her up. These kinds of games and little mischief would make her feel good and she’ll understand that you care about her emotions too.
  6. Go beyond bed: Women don’t only want sex. They want more than that. You can do some small little things to show her that you care for her. Sometimes, massaging her neck while watching television or kissing her shoulder while sitting on sofa. These small gestures will have a great impact when you would be having sex.

It is understood that men want only one thing. But then, this doesn’t mean that we should make women feel cheap by insulting her emotions. It is important that you understand her need while on bed and act accordingly. This would help you to woo her and leave an impression that would attract her again towards you. So, make a smart move and play safe.