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Common Sorts of Mental Illness Observed in Men!

Whether it is man or a woman, they both can be affected by the mental illness and that too at any stage of life.  It causes various warning signs that are different from women to that of men, but for men it is bit complex to make out. This is because, men become irritated and angrier rather than being sad when they are depressed.  For these reason it becomes complicated to seek any medical help because some see them as weakness to a certain extent rather than a treatable mental illness.  Here are some different symptoms or types of mental illness.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):-

This disorder is been related to anxiety where a man can witness life threatening events or unrealistic worries. Those men with PSTD may undergo continually problems in relationship or job, horrifying nightmares, or experience depressions like fear attacks, feeling emotionally unbalanced or suicidal thoughts. In this, sort of mental illness women can feel anxious but men become more aggressive and angrier and may start finds ways to cope up with this illness by consuming abusive alcohol or smoking.


Depression can affect both men and women where they find common indications like an incessantly sad or bad-tempered mood; difficulty concentrating; a remarkable change in hunger and liveliness; thoughts of guilt, despair, or unimportance; lack of curiosity in life or suicidal thoughts.  But in most of the men it becomes hard to identify these warning symptoms as they try hiding their feeling of depressions by showing off their depression in angriness. They even get prone to abusive drugs and alcohol too.

Personality disorders:-

Personality of a human being does not change very often as it might get affected by experiencing different phrases of lives and also due to conditional changes. In such cases, people get depressed in finding was to cope up with the changes of thinking patterns, attitude or behavioral changes that get limited with emotions.

Eating and body image disorders:-

Bulimia, Binge and Anorexia are the serious eating disorders where men gym outs for the excess body. Whereas, body image disorders are where a man gets obsessed with the genital skin, muscles, hair or nose where they typically hubs body images of women.