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Home Blog Consumption of Vitamin C Early In the Morning Will Help In Reducing Weight

Consumption of Vitamin C Early In the Morning Will Help In Reducing Weight

Vitamin C is the best in treating scurvy and increase the collagen production in your body to keep the weight sustained. Do you know one thing our body does not contain sufficient amount of vitamin water substance in our body because the amount of intake of vitamin water-soluble is less than the amount we excrete. Therefore, morning time is the best in regenerating the Vitamin C water substance in your body by consuming large amount of diet that contain Vitamin C in it. However, one thing that every individual needs to take not of is to consult the family heath doctor before you start consuming Vitamin C rich food in the morning.

Foods that contain excess amount of Vitamin C in it are fruits like apple, orange, lemon, grapes (both black and green). These fruits have more than 70 milligrams of Vitamin C present in them, which increases the water soluble in the body to a large extent. Apart from fruits bakes white potato is also one of the best Vitamin C diet. These fruits can be consumed in juice as well as slice form.

An adult needs at least 90 milligrams of Vitamin C in his body while a women needs to have about 75 milligrams. Large amount of Vitamin C consumption will help the person from fighting with ample number of serious health diseases. However, never consume Vitamin C more than two grams that may cause gastrointestinal disturbances. As per the United States food and drug, administration people can consume supplementary tables that contain 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C present in it. The main reason behind taking Vitamin C during the morning time is to regain the amount of water-soluble that is lost from our body during the night hours.

Vitamin C products never cause harm to any individual hence can be taken without any stress or fear. One of the best products that contain Vitamin C is strawberry, which might be the perfect one for a kid as most of the children like strawberries. Therefore, keep your weight sustained at the same time allow your body to gain ample amount of stamina and strength by having Vitamin C food for your breakfast.