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Curing the Tears on the Penile

Undoubtedly, sexual act is an enjoyable and pleasurable act. But there are certain times when this sexual act no longer stays enjoyable or pleasurable and this happens after the development of cut on the male’s penile region during or after the sexual intercourse.

Certain complexities like friction, balanitis, frenulum, yeast infection, injury and other problems like genital piercing or an allergy to the condom made from latex has shown off possible reasons behind the cut on the penile. However, managing this painful condition of male’s sensitive region completely depends on its underlying cause.

This, it is extremely essential to find what exactly causes the penile tears. As a normal or overall intrusion, men should always make use of condoms all the time they have sexual intercourse and also see that it makes right lubrication possible. 

Even so, below give are some other curing tips that are specific for the respective causes of penile cuts.

  • Males must always be encouraged to have the act when the partner is already wet or at least must apply sufficient lubrication. Lubrication helps best on lessening the friction so as to avert any sorts of possible injuries to both the partners. Men who are uncircumcised in the act are at the higher risk for penile tears as their prepuces or foreskins go confronting each other with the vaginal passage. Moreover, the to and fro motion during the act may also cause the cut due to the quick drag of the penile skin.
  • If you are suffering from frenulum wounds then frenuloplasty or other small operations can be carried out on thin and short frenulums.  However, this surgery is done just before or during the adulthood. It is a very quick process that is accomplished on the outpatient basis but the process of healing tales about a month or more.
  • Yeast infection can be treated by making use of Antifungal creams which helps in fighting infections. As it is found that infection to the men are passed by their partners, thus it is advisable to have the sexual partner diagnosed for the presence of such infection and get treated if it is positive.