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Debate Immemorial – Good and Evil of Science

The debate that science can have a negative impact on humans just got another pointer. A recent research conducted by two separate groups of scientists was successful in genetically modifying a deadly flu virus. “What’s the harm in that?” one might be compelled to ask, well the objection arises when the genetic alteration made the virus more deadly by making it contagious. This has caused a furor in the medical fraternity due the magnitude of its underlying implications. If this formula were to fall in to any terrorist’s hands the result could be catastrophic.

Keeping this in mind the sponsors of the research withheld the release of the complete and important parts of the documentation from the research. Even the WHO authorities expressed concern with the release of the research details.

Let us now look into the argument and the counter argument offered by the scientists. Some say that researches like this should not even be carried out as there is a possibility that the modified virus might escape the premises of the lab and then all pandemonium might break loses in the form of an epidemic. Also the money spent on these researches could be used for some constructive work. But the naysayers say that these researches are important as they give valuable insight into the genetics of the virus which can then be used to either control or exterminate it.

Luckily in this case both the affiliate groups agreed up on one thing. The science behind the propagation of the virus from one individual to the next determines whether it can turn into an epidemic. And there is a common consensus that more research needs to be done to make sure that the transmissibility of the virus is learned to better control contagious diseases.