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Decreased Libido in Men – What ’s causing it?

There is a common belief that men possess higher libido than women. However, the truth can completely shake you up! Decreased libido in men is a major problem faced by numerous men daily, but only a few of them discuss about it in open. Men refrain talking about the issue, as they find it embarrassing and shameful for their manliness. Unfortunately, on the other hand, women might perceive that they are unattractive for their partners anymore and are not able to provoke the same passion.

Reasons for Decreased Sex Drive or Libido in Men:

Decreased libido in men is subjective and thus, every case needs to evaluated and studied separately. Now getting to the point, let us focus on the causes:

Poor or improper lifestyle is the primary culprit for decreased sex drive in men. In fact, a huge number of studies and researchers showed that usage of ED drugs have drastically increased in the western countries. One of the common reasons making a man unable to perform optimally on bed is the poor lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse, etc.

Men tend to lack the essential nervous system and energy coordination to perform sexual intercourse after a heavy drinking session. Thus, heavy drinking of alcohol and prolonged abuse of drugs are two vital causes of low libido in men. Further, exhaustion, stress, fatigue and anxiety are other causes of decreased sex drive in men. In fact, a number of men today are complaining that fatigue is the reason, which thwarts them from having sex.

You ought to manage your priorities effectively and decide what you exactly want in life. If you intake alcohol in excess and expect yourself to be sexually sound, then it is nothing more than a ridiculous assumption. If you have several priorities in life, then try to manage each in an effective way and weed out the unimportant ones to ease some burden.

Decreased libido might also trigger due to some medical conditions. At times, medical issues pertaining to the reproductive system may hinder with the sex drive in a man. Prostrate and testicle problems, abdominal pain or discomfort, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, etc avert men from performing sexual intercourse.

Depression is another prominent reason for decreased libido in men. Depressed males feel frustrated and feel sad, which in turn thrifts away their minds from making love to their partners and thus, lowered sex drive. Antidepressants ought to be taken carefully, as over dosage may cause decreased libido.

For older men, decreased testosterone levels can be the major cause apart from the above-mentioned reasons. Similar to women who experience a decline in their sex drive during menopause; males too undergo bodily phases causing decreased sex drive.

Men should note that problems concerning decreased libido are treatable. Thus, instead of grieving with the problems, open up, discuss your options with the doctor, and stride your way to a happy sexual life.