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Determining the Signs of Bulimia

Teenagers are in particular at risk to the pressures from society that places on them in order to appear good, be healthy yet fit and have a perfect body. Since eating disorders like bulimia can be caused in any girl or boy at any age, it is in particular very vital to know how to find out the signs of bulimia in teenagers.

Watch out their eating habits

Teens that undergo from bulimia disorder consume foods in big amounts very quickly and then later on require eliminating themselves with the food and the blame they link to it sooner after that. Look out for alterations in your teenager’s eating routines. In early times, eaters may begin eating anything but everything which they can specifically smoothies, chocolates and carbohydrates. A sweet tooth is not something very strange for a growing teenager on the other hand this can even be an adverse e4fefct of purging as the body requires to put back sugar in the blood.

It is even important to be aware of your teens’ outlook at lunch or dinner time. She may be nervous or inhibited at some point during meals and will look out for a reason to leave the table immediately after eating her meal.

Take a close look

A teenager’s physical look can show a lot of warning signs of bulimia. This can trigger immediate as well as sudden weight loss. The cheeks may perhaps look void and hollow, the fingernails and the area beneath the eye can appear faded and bluish. Lips as well can be all the time chapped and breath will smell sweet of the teenager if she is eradicating very often. Hair may become dull after everyday purging as the oil production lessens down when the body tries to top off its poor nutrients.

Loss of interest

No interest in normal activities is a warning sign of bulimia. Teens that are more or less outgoing or extrovert and socially active turn out to be morose and reserved. Bulimic patients more often than not become introvert as they are embarrassed of what they are doing and with this they see themselves as ugly.