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Diabetic can be harsh on women

Diabetic is the most common and one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Many people are becoming its victim. Some are aware about it whereas some are not. Some are learning to live a life with whereas some are already used to it.

Mostly considered that diabetic can be found in men, women are also becoming a victim of this. Like men, this disease also has serious complications in women too. In women, this disease can pass on to the unborn child too. This can happen because of the mere negligence. Unlike men, women can even get diabetic during pregnancy, which is known as gestational diabetic. In women the risk of diabetic increases with age because of the increase in lifespan.

Diabetic at different stages of life:

Adolescent years (10-17 years)

Eating disorder affects girls a lot than boys during this age. They have more chances of getting Type 1 diabetic.  With this, they effect can be acid build up in the blood or extreme low blood pressure. The risk may increase if the girls are fat or obese. And the puberty period makes it difficult to manage.

Reproductive years (18-44)

Women are not aware about the possibility of having Type 2 diabetic at this stage. They already have Type 1 during their adolescent year. They also have a chance of developing gestational diabetic while giving birth to the baby. But then, this ends with the childbirth but then they raise the chance of getting it at the later stages by 45%.

Middle aged women (45-64)

In America, diabetic is the major reason behind the death of women among this class. Also, heart disease is also a major cause illness among women with diabetic.

Older years (65 years and older)

Women in this age have Type 2 diabetic and are not aware about it. Being older and having diabetic increases the cause of health problems life heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and others.

It is important that women have to pay more attention to their health than men. Being diagnosed with diabetic is not an easy thing to deal but then with proper care, it can be handled and taken control of. So, find out about it by consulting your doctor.