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Diet versus Nutrition

For the smooth functioning of our body, it is extremely important to have a healthy diet and nutrition. Most of them seem to get confused when told to differentiate diet and nutrition. The real fact is that this both terms are related to each other but have different meanings.  Here you can come across the similarities and the differences and the comparison between diet and nutrition.

What is Diet?

Diet is the complete food that an organism or person consumes.  This can include various components which can again be assorted according to different criteria. Usually, the diet of a particular person depends upon the personal preferences, religious opinions, living or environmental conditions, availability of food, economical status etc. Because of the religious traits and beliefs people restrict themselves in having certain diet. Some go for a complete vegetarian food whereas some chuck it out. Some people also have flexible diet plan that depends on health, convenience, nutritional state or weight management regime.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a procedure by which all the living organism take in food and uses the same for replacement and growth of body tissues. The body gains the beneficial nutrition from various nutritive elements in the food. Minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats are the main nutrients to maintain a hale and hearty life.  The nutritional plan of a person can chance according to different diet plans. The whole human health condition can be endangered by the current deficiencies of nutrients all over the world. This can also lead to deficiency of vitamin A, Iron (anemia), proteins and Iodine.  In simpler words, a healthy diet can prevent you from other nutritional deficiencies.

How is Diet and Nutrition related to each other?

The foremost way to obtain nutrition is to consume a proper diet. An appropriate diet consists of different kinds of foods which also includes nutrients. When you consume a healthy and nutritional diet, the essential nutrients are absorbed by the body. This absorbed nutrient is used for the easy functioning of metabolism. If the diet is poor it may lead to poor efficiency of metabolism.  Ultimately, this may result to unusual nutritional conditions or other nutritional disorders in women.