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Do NOT have Zenegra on a Full stomach

Zenegra is one of the best selling forms of generic Viagra, with millions of users, all over the world. From being affordable, to being extremely effective, there are many reasons that have made the drug a huge success with doctors and men affected with erectile dysfunction. But men who trust this drug to help them get rid of impotency, need to bear a simple fact in mind, Zenegra is a highly potent drug and needs to be taken with care.

Zenegra and your food

It is important to understand that Zenegra needs to be taken after a light meal, so that men can easily digest it, without feeling heavy. There are many men who love to have a good, heavy meal and then proceed to make love. Fat takes a lot longer to emulsify and get digested. If the digestion of the food is delayed, it has a direct effect on the digestion of the Zenegra pills. So men who have this drug after a heavy, fat filled feast may have to wait for 45 minutes to an hour in order to see the action of this erectile dysfunction treating pill. The normal time taken by this pill to show its action is only 30 minutes.

Eat light, Love more

Having a light meal will ensure that the man can make love faster as Zenegra is able to get digested, enter the blood stream and get the male reproductive organ into action, within a span of 30 minutes. Another fact is that, trying to make love on a full stomach can make men extremely uncomfortable. The act also needs a lot of exertion and physical activity, none of this can be done on a full stomach.

If you want to make the most of Zenegra and enjoy its action fast, the best thing to do is to have it after a fat free snack.