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Home Blog Do you know a Healthy Body trims down the Chances of Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you know a Healthy Body trims down the Chances of Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men all over the globe are unable to satisfy their lover partner with the desired erection.  If you are one among such men then stay alert because this is one of crucial problem that are entailed as “Erectile Dysfunction” or “Male Impotence”.  This has created clashes between many relationships and some men even start losing their self-confidence. Fortunately, thanks to the medical science, as there are some medicines available in the pharmacy stores that deals with this humiliating issues and lends helps out man in getting the right erections.  But, it does have some adverse affect on the body. Not only this, the health issues are also one of the major causes of ED.

In this article, the main focus is on the health issues that lead to this breathtaking problem of which some common problems are anxiety or stress, diabetes and heart problems.


Ethnicity, heredity or age increases the risk of diabetes. It is seen that about 85% of the total patients of Ed are undergoing diabetes. Thus, it is necessary to prevent diabetes from striking your or else control the level of sugar in the body.  Eating healthy foodstuffs, regular exercise and controlling the weight is the great way to deal with the problems of diabetes and ED as well. Also, smoking and alcohol is another major reason of getting diabetes. So it’s better to quit them or have a control over them.

Circulatory or Heart Problem:

Heart and circulatory problem is also one of the reasons behind ED. To handle this, regular exercise for at least 20 min is must as this keeps your body under control and also strengthens your circulatory system and whist heart. Due to lack of blood, circulation to the male organ is actual grounds of Erectile Dysfunction. Thus, such patients need aerobic exercise 3 – 5 times a week so as to maintain the proper circulation of the blood all over the body.

Anxiety or Stress:

Sexual intercourse can be done only if the person is sexually or mentally ready for the act. If the person going through any kind of stress or anxiety problems, it alleviates the sexual arouse, thereby lacking the erection during the course.  Exercise and being happy will make you stay away from stress and anxiety.