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Does overweight leads to impotence?

Overweight is considered one of the main reasons for impotence all over the world. Overweight is a condition where in the person exceeds the normal range of body weight, which hampers the daily course of life. Overweight people are prone to numerous diseases, and are regularly advised to have a check on the weight gain. This is because of the abnormality that slowly creeps into the system and hampers the body parts. Just like heart, kidney, and bone diseases, impotence is also largely related to the weight of the person. In most cases, people who are overweight are more likely to experience impotence than men who have weight duly under control. There are various factors that attribute to impotence due to abnormal weight. In this article, we would discuss various factors that lead to impotence with regard to overweight people.

How is obesity related to impotence

Impotence is also commonly known as erectile dysfunction. It is a medical condition where men fail to achieve the required penile erection during a sexual intercourse. This problem generally hits men who are above fifty years of age. However, there are several factors that cause impotence in younger men as well. In a recent study, obesity has been directly related to erectile dysfunction. The study also revealed that men who have a waist size of more that 42 inches are more likely to hit with impotence than men who range from 32 to 34 inches. Furthermore, if obesity is coupled with smoking, the risk of erectile dysfunction is even higher.

How obesity causes impotence

The main reason for obese people to experience ED is low testosterone level. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone which is responsible for a strong libido and sexual function. Men who are overweight generally suffer from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart ailments. For proper erection, it is important that the blood flow in the body is adequate and seamless at the same time. When a man suffers from any problem related to the blood flow in the body, it affects directly on the sexual function of the body. The penis fails to get the required gush of blood to maintain erection, and results in an unsatisfied sexual intercourse.

Can this problem be cured?

Well, the answer is a yes! Erectile dysfunction that occurs due to obesity can be reversed. Apart from the required medical intervention, regular exercise, and controlled diet can hep bring about the requisite change. A controlled lifestyle can bring down the problem of overweight and subsequently all the health issues related to it. In the same manner, slowly erectile dysfunction also gets cured and the person can lead a healthy and normal sexual life.

Being overweight is a definite issue with every individual in this world. Male or female, it has its set of problems attached to it. Obesity, unlike other problems can set in at a very early age, and if not controlled, can create problems all through the life. However, problem of erectile dysfunction, which is caused by uncontrolled weight, can be cured. All one needs to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper medication.