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Dreadful Causes of Nail Biting

A recent study says that boys fall more prey for nail biting as compared to girls. This is also identified by a medical term chronic onychophagia. Nail biters even at times chew the supple tissues around the nails as well. This dirty habit can build up severely while engaging in some activities.

In a few of the cases this can even be a sign of mental disorder where a person reaches to the finger without realizing it. In a lot of cases it is nothing but an effective next to pressure and dullness. Amazingly, few people put up with this routine of biting the nails even when they are asleep. Adults are the major sufferers of this terrible habit. Nevertheless for nail biters the habit becomes a nice stress buster which in actual fact is nothing but the same.

This bad habit not only messes up the body image of the person but on the other hand gives way to a lot of dreadful disorders as well. This is why it becomes completely essential to quit this dirty habit. Listed below are a few reasons of nail biting.


When an individual experiences lot of pressure then he or she finds biting the nails as the best stress buster. People think that this is the other way of relaxing them down very easily.

When an individual feels blameworthy or at fault from inside then due to any silly reason, he or she has a tendency to bite nails. The other medical term for this odd behavior is called as Obsessive Irrational Disarray Spectrum. This disarray has been recently re-termed as Body Focused Recurring Disarray. The chemistry of the brain is thought to be one such reason in the development of this behavior.

Nail biting can even take place automatically. When few people get occupied in some activities extremely then they begin to bite their nails.

This dirt bad habit can even be hereditary as well which may be passed from parents to kids. Kids may even become the sufferers of this harmful issue because of family record as well.  They either get involved in nail biting mechanically or put up with the habit while seeing their parents doing the same thing every day.