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Drink water to Live a Disease-free Life

How many glasses of water do you drink in a day? Well, if you thought a couple of glasses are all you require, then you may be wrong. One of the key elements to survival is water.According to most of the popular health agencies and medical bodies around the world, one should have at least 1.5 to 2 liters a day. This may be equivalent to 6 or 8 glasses of water. So, the question remains is that why is water so important for us to have it regularly. Let’s look at the features that make drinking water a critical aspect of our lives.

Water does not contain sugar

In our efforts to stay hydrated, often we are unable to maintain a regime. Instead we reach for the most accessible methods of staying hydrated which is by having aerated or sugar drinks. It would be advisable to choose water over sugary or carbonated drinks. This will enable you to maintain your sugar levels as well as keep your teeth healthy. Along with this, you will be able to keep your bones, hair and even your nails healthy.

Gain energy by drinking water

If you have undertaken lots of physical activity, then drink water in a while. It is said that if one drinks water before or after a particular activity, this helps in keeping the body and mind alert. By staying hydrated, the muscles of the body remain active and energetic. Most of the muscles in our body and mind require more than 75% of water to help us stay alert.

Drinking water keeps the mind active

By drinking water, one is ensuring that the mind remains healthy. This is true as the brain tissue contains 85% of water. If one drinks water every day then, we can stay healthy and alert. Our memory improves along with our concentration.  Academically and creatively, the results of individuals who drink water regularly have improved.

Drinking water keeps our skin looking healthy

If you wanted to look good, then drink water. Your skin will remain vibrant and beautiful as ever. This is one of the important reasons why beauticians suggest drinking water. A healthy skin requires at least 70% of water. This is an important organ that needs to benefit from the regular supply of water. A regular regime of 6-8 glasses a day can help maintain a soft, firm and radiant skin. This will also prevent individuals from having lines or spots on the skin.

Drinking water has several benefits including remaining fit. One should begin the day by drinking water and end the day on a similar note. Hydrating the body on a regular basis will ensure that the remaining organs within your body are functioning. One can maintain the daily intake of water in foods as well, by eating liquid-based foods. So, begin today by drinking water to remain healthy and happy.