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Dry eyes: Symptoms and Effective Home Cures

Though, it might sound a bit strange people suffering from dry eyes may find a bit wetness in their eyes.  The reason behind this is that their eyes are reacting to the irritation of this problem.  The sufferers of dry eyes may find it difficult to keep their eyes still open for longer time.  Not only this, they may even feel discomfort or scratchiness after watching television or reading. However, medical help is necessary but it can also be treated by pursuing some home techniques.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

  • Burning or stinging eye condition
  • Excess tearing
  • Continuous scratchiness
  • Gristly mucus in or just around your eyes
  • extreme irritation in the eyes due to wind or smoke
  • Uneasiness or discomfort while wearing on contact lenses.

Simple home remedies to treat Dry Eyes:-

  • Calmly close your eyes and keep a damp, warm cloth over your eyes. Allow the cloth to stay on your eyes for about five to ten minutes. If needed, you can re-wet the cloth with warm water. This procedure assists in opening the blocked oil glands present in the eyes thereby restoring the moisture.
  • Prepare some hot tea. Take two cotton balls and dip them into the warm tea. After getting soaked, place it on both eyes. Allow it to stay for five minutes.
  • Take a bowl full of warm water and add two or three drops of lavender oil.  Dip two cotton balls into this mixture.  Any excess liquid must be squeezed out. Later, place this cotton balls your eyes for some time. You can feel relaxed and calm. The lavender oils works best in replacing the lost oil in your dry eyes.
  • Cucumber has natural soothing ingredients present in it. Thus, simply lie down and keep the slices of cucumber on each eyelid. Keep it on your eyes as long as possible.  This will help in stimulating moisture and at the same time will also make you feel relaxed.

However, it is extremely important to get your checkup done from the prominent optometrist so that you get early and better relief from dry eyes.